Time Tracker
WordPress Plugin

Time Tracker is the perfect freelancer’s tool, enabling them to manage projects, maintain client lists, to do lists, recurring tasks, and billable time. Track all of this information on easy to use forms on your own website. Don’t risk a company selling your data as the data will all be stored in your own WordPress database.

Now Available!


A WordPress Plugin

Your personal to do list and time tracking app

Now available from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

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Time Tracker Features

custom access database design

Track Billable Hours

With easy start / stop functions keep track of hours worked for different jobs.

custom spreadsheet solutions - ms excel support

Monitor Time Budgets

See how many hours you've worked on a task or project vs. the budgeted time.

Never Forget to Bill

Once your work is logged it will show in your 'Pending Billing' section until you complete the billing. Never forget to bill a client again.

relational database design and support

Recurring Tasks

Setup recurring monthly or weekly tasks and they'll automatically get created and added to your to do list.

automated processes with macros

Track 3rd Party Billing

Do you perform White Label Services? Keep track of your billing by third party easily with the Time Tracker plugin.

You Keep YOUR Data

You keep your own data, right in your WordPress database. No worrying about a third party using or selling your data. And, no being tied to a company who charges monthly and can increase their rates at any time. You control your own information.