Offering a Variety of Website Maintenance Packages for Small Businesses

web maintenance SERVICES

We offer a variety of website maintenance services for ongoing support. Select one of  our pre-built packages or customize a package to suit your needs.

Website Hosting

There are hundreds of website hosting companies available. Some much better than others. We’ll manage your website hosting with a reputable third party.

Theme, Plugin and Core Updates

Keeping your website software updated is the #1 way to protect your website from hackers.

Malware removal can be costly and time consuming. Regular updates are the main to avoid an attack.

Website Backups

You never know when you’ll need a backup of your website. We maintain multiple copies of regularly scheduled backups so you’re always safe.

Google Analytics

Google analytics, when installed properly and reviewed regularly, can provide you with a wealth of information. Monitor how customers browse and interact with your online content. This information can help you better understand them and how you can help them.

Keyword Research

What terms are people using to search for your business’ services online? You may be surprised when you find out. With proper keyword research we can ensure that your website is speaking the same language as your customers. After all, those are the words they’re using to search for you online!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What’s the point of having a website if nobody can find you online? SEO (search engine optimization) involves on-site and off-site modifications to help you rank higher in search results. SEO must be an ongoing process to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms from search engines like Google and Bing.

PPC Management

Pay per click ad management (also called Search Engine Marketing or SEM) is the continuous adjusting and optimizing of online ads to improve ROI. We can manage your Google AdWords or Facebook ad campaigns.


Website Changes

Your website should keep up with your business. When you add new services, add them to your site! Complete a new project? Showcase the pictures on your site. Whether it’s a small tweak or a new page addition we can help you keep your site up to date and relelvant.

Content Marketing

Adding content and blog posts to your site on a regular basis helps with SEO and is great for marketing. Linking out to new blog posts via social media or email newsletters keeps your existing customers engaged with your brand and helps you acquire potential new ones.


Regularly updating a website can help protect it from malware, keep it relevant to your customers and boost its performance in the search results.

You need to focus on growing your business…
…let us handle the technical details.